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The Dennis Miller Routine-A-Tron

"Stop me before I subreference again!" I like Dennis Miller's style of humor. Even if you don't like Dennis Miller's style of humor, you may enjoy this page, because it has an interesting routine for generating jokes. Click on "Random Routine" for a sample, and then read the FAQ before going further.
William Spear Design

I rarely direct my readers to commercial websites, but this one you just have to check out. Bill Spear makes exquisitely beautiful enamel pins depicting everything from chest x-rays to great white sharks, Genghis Khan to Van Gogh -- you name it -- and his website, with rebus-style quizzes where you can win prizes, is a lot of fun.
"Virile Magic"

A fascinating essay on Bataille, Baudelaire, and Ballard -- something to read while you're trying to make sense of Cronenberg's film of Ballard's Crash.

The website of one Nancy A. Horn. Usually I object to graphics of kitty cats, but Nancy's cool. She has a wry sense of humor, she reads the same kinda books I do, and her links are great (check out the place she got the icons from).
The Large Glass, by Marcel Duchamp

An ambitious beginning of what looks to be a phenomenal web project: a collection of 25 interlinked sites each devoted to a separate element of Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even. Be sure to follow all the links, such as "9 malic moulds."
Main Sanitary Nag = Anagram Insanity

Try all possible versions of your own name, friends' names, coworkers' names, politicians' name. Then try taking out short words like a, the, and, is, of -- run the anagram searcher again -- and add the word(s) back in. (Fiona's name anagrammatizes to Wet Barf Noise, among others.)

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