Dark Eyes -- NYC 12/11/95

      by Nicholas Hill

What a great night!
A hooded Patti Smith greets New York with the first Piss Factory of the
Many people are still outside picking up tix. (last minute show meant it
was almost all will call).. patti remarked at the empty seats "got to do
somethin' about that"..
You could tell she had a little cold.. "but it's all right, gives me that
New Jersey nasal twang"..
Dylan's song, The Wicked Messenger
Dancing Barefoot, stripping down to her tee shirt jeans and bare feet.
Because the Night, "writ with some guy from New Jersey".
About A Boy "Lenny and me writ this one for Kurt"
Walking Blind "writ by Oliver Ray" with Oliver Ray and Tom Verlaine
Southern Cross (on guitar)
Rock and Roll Nigger
Not Fade Away [rave up with Patti blowing harp and making Tom blush..]
an encore of Fred & Patti's The Jackson Song with just Patti and Tony sing
together really pretty like.

Then after his center three acoustic songs, Patti Smith shared a mike with
Bob Dylan and Bob sang the choruses on a mindblowingly beautiful "Dark
Eyes". He had learned the words.. Just like Jerry Garcia did, Patti is
outing Bob on his hidden classics songs..
Now if only he would do Patti's "Revenge"


What a sweet thing..
They are good for each other..

she has brought out the best in him. It helps to be on the road with a
woman.. This was obviously a very special show for bob this evening..
Joking about not sleeping the night before, cause he was gonna be playing
NYC. When was the last time Bob toured with this kind of strong feminine
energy around him? Such a change since this tour started..

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