babel-list review of 7/3/96 concert, paris, france

[contributed by Yves Deplasse]

July 3rd is the day Jim Morrison died. His shadow floated around the whole second Paris show. Some people told me that Patti had been to his grave in the afternoon, but I'm not sure of that.

Here's what she read/sang :

Ballad of a Bad Boy
Death by Water (dedicated to Jim Morrison)
Schinden (with Tom Verlaine)
Scream of the Butterfly, part 3
The Crysal Ship
Ghost Dance
Ravens (Jay Dee on accordion)
Beneath the Southern Cross
Redondo Beach (she said "This one is for the girls")
Wicked Messenger
Lenny Kaye song
Dancing Barefoot
Summer Cannibals
short Mojo Rising incantation (with Patti making a metallic
bowl grind by rubbing a mallet around it)
When Doves Cry
About a Boy
Free Money (dedicated to Richard Sohl)
Walking Blind
People Have the Power
Gone Again

First Encore:

Wild Leaves
Because the Night
Land/Gloria (she sang the first line, then changed it, singing "Suddenly, there was nothing. No rhythm was generating..." Lenny played sort of atonal guitar, hitting the strings high on the neck of his guitar. In the middle of her improvisation, she inserted parts of "The End", and this evolved into "Gloria")

Second Encore:

Farewell Reel

Copyright © Yves Deplasse 1996

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