review of 9/11/96 concert, forum, los angeles

[contributed by Kim H.]

Ever since I saw her on Sat. Nite Live in the '70s I've wanted to see Patti Smith perform live but never thought I'd get a chance to me just a Midwestern girl then she all but retired. I was glad she followed her heart, but anyway let's just say that when I heard about her performing in LA , I was determined to be there

Well I was in the nosebleed seats but brought excellent binocs so it was great anyway she came out & forgive if a word or two is wrong but (I was too busy just watching!) she walked/sauntered up to the mic and said "Hello to the home of the Lakers" (crowd cheered) she walked back away in a half circle then up to the mic again completing the circle then said "Tonight the home of Neil Young and Crazy Horse" (crowd cheered even louder). Then she started a spoken word piece about I'm gonna send you a telegram then went into "People Have the Power."

What follows is a set list--pretty complete there may be one song or so missing (sorry) I was too excited watching. I wanted to share this for all those sitting in their dorm rooms spinning round to "Dancing Barefoot" and dying to see Patti live.

People Have The Power
(I missed writing this one down)
Dancing Barefoot (yes, she unbuckled & removed her shiny black boots & white socks and knocked over two mic stands tho didn't dance much--but she *did* go to the edge of the stage to try and maybe touch the fans there but there was too tall a barricade she stopped at the point her toes curled over the edge of the stage!)
Redondo Beach
Wicked Messenger
She then said "This next song is dedicated to the departed soul of Bill Monroe" and sang something about beautiful/free , a very slow and beautiful song
Then she introduced each band member each was applauded
About A Boy (before and during this one she played a Tibetan bowl I forget its name a brass bowl rubbed with a wooden stick)
Then she said good night everybody
Then she and the band ROCKED OUT to Not Fade Away. She danced up a storm during this one (well not literally though perhaps LA could use one)
At one point she nonchalantly spit on the stage. It made me think of the Sex Pistols and their recent tour, well to me real punk is doing whatever your heart says including living and raising your family then coming back to rock like you never stopped Patti did that I think

At another point she looked up sideways like Thumper in Bambi smiled slyly sort of swayed like a kid with a secret and said "I got my All Access Pass!" It was cool. (Later she removed it and put it in her pocket, also took off the brown checked jacket--looked like a man's suit coat oversize--she wore onstage as she rocked away. She is a great dancer by the way.)

She came onstage wearing said jacket, a white T-shirt and blue jeans rolled at the cuffs. Looked very cool. Gave the performance her all. Was it my imagination or did she looked peeved at the band a coupla times for not slowing down when she gestured to ? But it was a great set and I am still floating: a great experience

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