review of 9/12/96 concert, irvine meadows, california

[contributed by Craig Stoker]

Incredible show! Here's the all too brief set list:

Babel "thang": ("I have some information for you ...deep in the heart of you ...deep in the heart of man ...deep in the heart of each other're so beautiful ...such a bitch! ...who am I?? ...I am nothing blessed ...I am nothing less ...deep in the heart of man ...hello everybody ...I am with you ...sorrow ...frustration ....humiliation I awoke ...I woke ...I woke up ...from my dreamin...") This continued for about 10 minutes, accompanied by with Verlaine's guitar and j.d.'s drums, and turned into a completely strange and wonderful version of:
People Have the Power
Gone Again
Dancing Barefoot
Rock N Roll Nigger
About a Boy
Not Fade Away
Lights on! (Damn, they were just getting hot!) The set was about 40-45 minutes. Verlaine was awesome and Patti was on! The Neil Young audience were on their feet and really having a blast.

At the end of "Gone Again" Patti told the photographers "...get outta my face! I got no patience tonight for photographers! I got little time here." She added, "We join you in your excitement, because we have a date with Neil Young and Crazy Horse."

The band's soundcheck was "Dancing Barefoot" and "Rock N Roll Nigger." "Dancing Barefoot" is very Doors-sounding these days, as is "Gone Again" and "About a Boy." Wonderful! Wonderful!

Copyright © Craig Stoker 1996

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