for bob neuwirth

     by patti smith

[from CREEM, September 1971]

obviously not a freeze out

your voice is very loud
do you think there's no one
who will speak to you

she speaks to you honey
speaks low
and says things worthy
of note:

I carry in my arms
bear on my back
and bring home
the sacrifice that will
bring us through
the coming year
   a deers head
   ribbons from the dancers shoes
   white tights tutu dancers things
   and random bits of jungle
   white snake pigeons wings
   Donga bat
   two cats eye marbles
and she's ready for you
she's rolling round for you
her legs are open
her dress is up
her ears are pierced and hung with string
listening to anything you got to say
you can say it quietly
and then sweet girl will answer you
listen to everything you got to speak
telling you everything you want to hear

Copyright © Patti Smith 1971

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