marianne faithfull

Marianne Faithfull is a singer, composer, actress, author, icon. Her first hit single record was "As Tears Go By" (co-written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards) in 1964, and she was a well-known pop star during that period. She was often associated in the press with the Rolling Stones: her first record contract came through the Stones' manager, and she had a much ballyhooed relationship with Mick Jagger. She also wrote the lyrics for the Stones' "Sister Morphine" and recorded her own version of the song. She faded from the scene during the 70's, then came back in the 80's with Broken English (highly thought of by critics) and Strange Weather. Recently, she has had a critically acclaimed concert tour to a worldwide audience.

Patti's poem "marianne faithfull" was first published in Seventh Heaven and again (along with a dramatic photo of Faithfull) in Babel. The poem portrays Faithfull as a Mary Magdalene figure who fantasizes that she is a martyr, but Patti rejects the possibility of Faithfull's early death in these lines:

I wont let you go. no.
but no. I wont let you go.
I wont let the honey drain
from your sweet sweet box
wont let the crowds blush and gasp
while you carry your cross
wont let the flower girls fan you
hind a big black hearse
wont let the pearls
crumble crumble
from your little girl mouth
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