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[phtp in patti's handwriting]

...this section is the merest beginning of an index of people who've been important to patti in one way or can contribute by volunteering to do a brief write-up (even just a couple of lines) about someone, where possible including a quotation from patti about that person, and/or providing a link to an already-existing write-up or home page...we also need more suggestions for this list... contact j.BOLt if you can help out...

also, don't assume that because someone's name is in this beginning list, that we already have a full write-up on them: some of the pages just have links to other sites.

antonin artaud | charles baudelaire | constantin brancusi | andré breton | william s. burroughs | john cale | jim carroll | bob dylan | marianne faithfull | allen ginsberg | janet hamill | lenny kaye | william kunstler | vali meyers | jeanne moreau | jim morrison | bob neuwirth | pier paolo pasolini | peter reich | william reich | arthur rimbaud | jane scarpantoni | sam shepard | fred "sonic" smith | kimberly smith | michael stipe | tom verlaine |

other suggestions so far: bruce brody, jeff buckley, rosemary carroll, jesus christ, the dalai lama, jay dee daugherty, jack douglas, jane friedman, jean genet, jean-luc godard, lynn goldsmith, patty hearst, jimi hendrix, jeanne heberterne, alan hovhaness, jimmy iovine, pope jean paul I, mick jagger, brian jones janis joplin, jack kerouac, ivan kral, wayne kramer, allen lanier, judy linn, albino luciani, robert mapplethorpe, brice marden, amedeo modigliani, andi ostrowe, jackson pollack, oliver ray, keith richards, the ronettes, rumi, todd rundgren, edie sedgwick, tony shanahan, the queen of sheba, beverly smith, huey smith, jackson frederick smith, jesse paris smith, linda smith, todd smith, richard sohl, bruce springsteen, samuel wagstaff

corrections/additions? contact j.BOLt

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