Cool Sharks of the Web

she may be gone now, but Megalodon had inspiring jaws  (93 Kb)

this beautiful shark by Giorgio Aranjo would be a surfer's friend  (15 Kb)

a cute hammerhead, lookin' right at you  (5 Kb)

a little blue, rollin' around on the surface  (50 Kb)

lovely animation of a red-tailed shark by Alice Burkhart  (141 Kb)

an animated great white (munch, munch)  (33 Kb)

a cartoon shark who's had too much java  (67 Kb)

an AI of a leopard shark, believe it or not   (44 Kb) (see this page for details on fish AI's)

a 3-D artspace with a blow-up shark (by Gordon Froud)  (30 Kb)

I like this great white because it has elegant lines and you can see the caudal keel   (20 Kb)

this time whitey really has something to chomp on  (64 Kb)

this P-40 fighter plane flew over China in World War II (see this page to read more about the plane and its pilot)  (19 Kb)

is this a "No Parking" sign, or what?  (15 Kb)

a fantasy shark in a tattooed sea  (31 Kb)

this sand tiger is so pink, it looks as if it's blushing!  (78 Kb)

I don't know what these people are doing, but I wish they'd put that poor shark back in the water  (28 Kb)

and these people just want a free ride  (23 Kb)

this guy looks as if he's smiling  (32 Kb)

hard to believe it, but this is actually a car  (54 Kb)

a sleek-looking sandbar shark  (8 Kb)

a white shark (but it's not "great") made out of paper  (8K)

dark above, white below -- that's our friend Whitey (go here to order this as a mouse pad)  (69 Kb)

this is what Wayne & Garth call an "extreme closeup"  (36 Kb)

and the fly said, "Waiter! There's a shark in my glass!"  [thanks to Janis Shea] (34 Kb)

cool techno-shark by artist Sorayama Hajime  (67 Kb)

a gorgeous whale shark, and friend  (53 Kb)

a fun encounter with a hammerhead... with a weird title  (41 Kb)

I don't know what this page is about, but the animated shark is cute  (8 Kb)

a pretty scene w/ underwater "trees"  (17 Kb)

an artist's view of a hammerhead, this time a striped one  (54 Kb)

"even more fearsome than its cousin the Hammerhead..." (great cartoon!)  (99 Kb)

this shark is takin' its act out on the road  (21 Kb)

I guess this is supposed to be a puzzled shark  (20 Kb)

a fossil of a truly odd shark  (18 Kb after you click)

a t-shirt with airborne sharks  (17 Kb)

the tip of the iceberg  (32 Kb)

this sculptured shark seems to be trapped in safari land  (17 Kb)

not too shabby for a shark made out of wood  (11 Kb)

another view of a whaley, giving a sense of how huge they are  (52 Kb)

a close-up angle on a reef shark  (22 Kb)

I love it when the sun reflects off their backs  (37 Kb)

this fellow counts as cool because he has six gills instead of the usual five  (16 Kb)

another close encounter with a reef shark  (65 Kb)

This list is always growing and changing. If you know of a cool Web shark that's not here, or if one of these links doesn't work, please let me know.

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