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11/26/99 -- CITY SLANG;
The release of the 2nd full-length Recording by Sonic's Rendezvous Band: Detroit MI, 7 Dec 1999.


On April 28, 1998, Mack Aborn Rhythmic Arts will Commemorate Sonic's Rendezvous with the debut release of "Sweet Nothing." This is the first authorized full-length recording of this legendary band and responds to a demand that has intensified over the years since the rare and highly acclaimed "City Slang" single was unleashed in 1978.

For Full Details visit the Sonic's Rendezvous Band WebSite.


by Svb442

A new Michigan rock compilation called Motor City's Burnin', on John Sinclair's Total Energy label, features a previously unreleased Sonic's Rendezvous Band cut: "Electrophonic Tonic". According to the liner notes, this is the only song, other than the legendary "City Slang", that the band ever recorded in the studio. it was originally intended as the b-side of the "Slang" 7", but never made it. its a great day for those of us that have been waiting to hear "new" stuff from this Awesome band; And it doesnt disappoint. Classic Motor City Jam-Kickin' tune. Oh, the Compilation is pretty great also, with cuts by Iggy, the Rationals, the Up, John Sinclair & Wayne Kramer, and others.


2209 EST // Sat 14 Mar 98 // BklnNYC

Svb442 -

This is Great News. Thanks. Has Sinclair's "total energy" label got good Distribution? Can I get it at Tower, f'rinstance, or...?


Total Energy is a subsidiary of Bomp! - an indie label/distribution outfit that's a been a true labor of love since the 70s for Greg Shaw (possibly the only person who knows as much about rock as Lenny Kaye)(and who knows Kaye quite well). The Bomp label puts out amazingly great (and often incredibly obscure) power pop and garage rock, but is also the home of The Iguana Chronicles - mucho Iggy and the Stooges live and previously unreleased studio material.

Sinclair's Total Energy label is a sort of Detroit rock archive - for the last few years he's been putting out lots of previously unavailable MC5 stuff (studio sessions,live recordings, etc.) as well as re-releasing material from the Up and Rationals.

You can usually find Bomp - distributed CDs and vinyl at non-chain record stores, sometimes at Tower, at CDNow on the web (, and you can order directly from Bomp! (and stuff is much cheaper if you order direct from them).

Bomp's web site is at:

(that address is case sensitive - make sure you capitalize the "I")

There is also a Bomp mailing list -details available at the Bomp website (FYI - its an extremely active list so unless you want 20 messages or more a day flooding your mail box you might want to sign up for the digest).



[contributed by C. Ross]

Sonic's Rendezvous Band had exactly 1 official release -- a double sided single of "City Slang" (one side mono/one side stereo) on the Orchide label. There are 3 bootlegs of live material from 78-79 (at least thats all I know of):

Patti has said she's going to put together an SRB CD from her (and the other band members') collection of live performance tapes. 'Hope that happens soon. What with Brother Wayne (Kramer) touring to support his second killer solo effort for Epitaph, Iggy making his umpteenth come-back and "Kick Out The Jams" on the I Shot Andy Warhol soundtrack, seminal Detroit pre-punk rock is chic again, so it would be excellent timing.

The other members of SRB (Scott Morgan, ex-Rationals; Scott Asheton, ex-Stooges; Gary Rasmussen, ex-UP and bass player on Dream of Life) still play together in the Ann Arbor area in a band called Scott's Pirates.

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